Amphitheatre East

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Natural amphitheater with a beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains, where the annual folklore festival East. The dominant nvovybudovaného amphitheater is 28 meters high view tower "Maypole". The area is also a natural exposure of folk wooden sculptures. Natural amphitheater Eastern

The amphitheater annual folklore festival East.

In the complex there is a permanent exhibition of natural wooden folk sculptures.

Interesting is a newly built natural amphitheater, which is dominated by the 28 m high view tower maypole, of which a look up at the beautiful panorama of the High and West, as well as the Low Tatras.



  • suitable for young children


  • Free parking


  • In the village
  • in the natural environment
  • Access by car


  • landing
  • suitable as a family outing
  • nice view

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From the village Východná

Updated 26.11.2014