About the project

About the project

Dear visitors, welcome to the webpage www.hornyliptov.eu, which is a Central information system of Upper Liptov.


Our aim is to create a comprehensive database information system within the scope of the Local action group Upper Liptov. The project aims to improve the quality of life in the region of Upper Liptov by creating an effective information and communication technology. They are focused on marketing and promoting services of rural tourism in the territory of Upper Liptov.


In 1999 the Association of landlords of the Tatras came into existence. Its members have secured a free presentation on the website mojliptov.sk that was focused on the Middle and Lower Liptov. The copyright of presented and purchased materials does not permit usage by a third party, i.e. by a municipality or a particular landlord in the tourist trade..


Thanks to the central information system of Upper Liptov a the third party can create completely its own promotional material. It can literally be "made to measure" for its specific needs and very accurately addressed to the target group.


We are aware that Upper Liptov region currently does not profit fully from its potential. Nevertheless, a myriad of activities of every kind is available that undoubtedly contribute to the development of tourism. Many natural and cultural treasures are not advertised or are only very seldom presented. Service providers in tourist traffic do not know about them themselves and consequently do not advertise them.


A more comprehensive processing of the territory offerings of Upper Liptov does not exist. The information is scattered in various detached printouts or in electronic form. Despite the efforts of certain parties (Klaster Liptov or information centres), the Upper Liptov region does not yet have a more comprehensive information system that would be usable for the purposes of marketing services of rural tourism in our region..


The website you are currently on draws information almost exclusively from a created e-marketing database system.It consists of repositories of documents, articles, videos, photos, audio and graphic files for the needs of all members of the Local action group the Upper Liptov. The quality allows electronic and print processing.

On the page hornyliptov.eu, we have lucidly exhibited a number of attractions that this beautiful corner of our country has to offer.Of course, there is a database of landlords in the various communities, offering of services as well as upcoming events and, for sure, the presentation of specific municipalities. The rich photo gallery and videos are not to be missed.


The global objective of the project is in accordance with the specific target of the measure 3.2.3 IS RÚ MAS Upper Liptov. Project has been supported by the European Union within the framework of the programme