Horsepower is the starting point in the Western Tatras after unlabelled routes, the village is located directly below the top Baranec, at the foot of which there are two cottages. Provides hostel accommodation in the former lodge. In the village there is an iron mineral spring, called local Medokýš.


It is located 13 km north-east of the town, on the outskirts of Liptov basin and the foothills of the Western Tatras on both sides Konske stream. Borders the municipalities Jamník and Jakubovany the east, Liptovsky Ondrej in the south and cadastral territory Okolicne II (part of Liptovsky Mikulas) to the west and northwest.


The first written mention is from 1357. The original names were Weresmihalfalua, Veresmihalfyahaza, Veresfaza equine Konszká. Name of Horse referred to in 1515. The village was originally the village the Uhorská Ves on holdings, which in 1309 sold zvolenký bathrobe Egidius. In 1391 belonged to the yeoman family Andreánsky Part Detrichovcom. Residents deal specifically with agriculture, grazing horses and cattle, later were known as bricklayers and carpenters. In 1828, there were 23 houses in the village, where there were 221 inhabitants. There was in 1919 a wooden belfry, 1934, the cadastral territory made unsuccessful attempts to mine coal. In 1991 became independent from the neighboring village Liptovsky Ondrej.


Mayor of: Mgr. Milan Uličný

Horsepower 244

032 04 Liptovsky Ondrej

Phone: 0445595242

Mobile: +421911595242

email: judrmilanulicny@gmail.com

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