Kráľova Lehota

The valley, which lies Kral'ova deadline, makes four rivers, the White Vah Vah Black, Bocianka and Hybica.
There is a library, kindergarten and special schools for handicapped children. To this day, preserved many of the original mansions. There was also built narrow gauge railway, which is zvážalo harvested timber. Humiliate the village 3 km to Liptovský Hrádok is Maria, where the blast furnace in 1873 from ore mined in the area was gaining iron.
Its headquarters here has several wood processing companies. One of them is the company BioTerm Kral'ova deadline and is engaged in the production of wood briquettes with high calorific value.


The king is the entry deadline village in the micro-Bocko Bacúšska valley from the north, liptovskej parties.


Year of establishment of the village 1361st

The settlement Kráľova deadline established in the late 13th to early 14th century royal servants, having to guard the surrounding vast forests, water, roads, keep the royal hunting dogs and falcons, to protect fish and supply the necessary things for the royal court.


Mayor of Vladimír caprate

King deadline 39

032 33 Kráľova Deadline

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