Liptovská Kokava

Village Liptovská Kokava located at the foot of the Western Tatras mountains at an altitude of 789 m. above sea level. Protective hand over it's huge Krivan. Every visitor of our community enchant beautiful and unique view of the majestic mountain, which we consider to be a symbol of Slovakia.
Liptovská Kokava is typical under mountain, Hornoliptovská, agricultural village. Municipal boundary is nachádzav protection zone TANAP. It includes a state reservation Mach - a rare location peat communities.

There are also good opportunities for rafting mountain river Bela, which forms the border between the municipal area Liptovskej Kokavy and Pribylina. Predatory and unbridled Bela belongs to a unique jewel of our community who walk and admire float paddlers from all over Europe. Pure water and beautiful surroundings, which flows are undoubtedly ranks among the most beautiful mountain rivers of Europe.

In winter the village is well maintained trails towards Podbanské 10km, leading a beautiful environment Kokavský land area. There is also a ski lift P-400 is suitable for downhill skiing children but also adults.


Liptovská Kokava located in the eastern part of Liptov. In the north it is surrounded by West and High Tatras, Low Tatras from the south. In summer visitors have of our community very good conditions for hiking or biking:

Pribylina [2 km]
Rackova Valley [6 km]
Jamnická Valley [6 km]
Podbanské [10 km]
Silent Valley [10 km]
Dill Valley [10 km]
Kriváň [15 km]
Baranec, Sharp Stag, Volovec, Swift ...


The first written mention of the creation of our village in 1469, where it is mentioned as "Little Dowal" - Small Dovalovo. In 1588, the first mentioned as Kokava or New Dovalovo. Kokava belonged since its inception in dominion quarter. Today he lives in Liptovská Kokava 1057 inhabitants. The oldest known common seal from the 17th century. The sealing field are engraved two saints Saint Simon and Saint Jude, patrons of the local church, holding a book in his hands. The coat of arms is part of the municipal seal.


Mayor of Ing. Julius Porubän

Old 390

032 44 Liptovská Kokava

Phone: 0445297100

Mobile: +421918706189


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