Liptovský Hrádok

Liptovsky Hradok - Welcome in the donee incredibly generous natural, cultural and historical potential and human resources, which is currently seeking his new face and a path to achieving the vision of a prosperous and developing centers of unique and distinctive forms of tourism with a direct link to the traditions of forestry, beekeeping, trade, processing of timber and iron ore, rafting, fishing, the mountainous agricultural activities and crafts related to it ...

In Liptovsky Hradok
- This is the castle and manor house, the first forestry school in Hungary, arboretum, building the Salt office, prisons and bell tower remains of the original-furnace-meat, the Jewish cemetery, protected linden avenue Unter den Linden with a chapel with a statue of the Pieta of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Classicist Roman Catholic church .

- It is also Catholic and Protestant church in Dovalová, unique buildings and building elements liptov masons in Dovalová, iron crosses in the cemetery, craftsmanship of its inhabitants, presented at the Museum of Ethnography in Liptovsky Hradek and the Museum of Liptov Village,

- A city with beautiful nature at the confluence of Bela Váhom, which offers a varied menu of services with extra adrenalin entertainment, the watermen, alpinists, climbers. Near the town are available lifts for skiers and also created the conditions for fishermen and hunters. However, we believe that the lovers of the annual movement of the warm thermal water, cultural - historical monuments, nature and good fun will take home a nice and pleasant experiences and memories of the places they visit and the people they are familiar ...


Liptovsky Hradok - Hornoliptovská town at an altitude of 637 meters was built in the confluence of Bela and Vah the foothills of the Low Tatras about 10 km from Liptovsky Mikulas direction of Poprad. Today there live about 6800 people. Widely popular mainly by watermen, helped by a close-camp with cabins and characteristics of the river Bela. The village has an ancient settlement, found here a prehistoric burial ground Lusatian culture. Liptovsky Hrádok is the center of Upper Liptov, starting in central and eastern part of the Low Tatras and popular resort and tourism center. City's department reports Low Tatras National Park and it includes the urban part Dovalovo.V past it was a village Liptovský Peter and Liptovská Porúbka.


On the site of today's village existed in the 13th century settlement Belsko and there were a prehistoric burial ground of the Lusatian culture period. The castle Liptovský Hrádok is from 1341 and was part of the royal property. In 1433 it was seized by the Hussites. In the 15th century belonged to different owners, and in the following centuries, passed from hand to hand. In the 18th century permanently belonged to the royal property. In 1600 briefly examine the castle Renaissance castle. For the uprisings in the 17th century castle damaged after a fire in 1803 has recovered only castle in 1930. Features the city determined the mining and forestry from the 14th cent., When the monarch Sigismund issued rules for the utilization of forests for mining purposes. In the 16th century the water saw, to drop a storage timber, then the salt and iron. From there the goods are transported on rafts after weight on the south.


Mayor of Branislav Tréger Mgr., PhD.

Hviezdoslavova 170

033 01 Liptovský Hrádok

Phone: 0445202113, 0445222211

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