Liptovský Ján

Liptovsky Jan is a gateway to the world of history, architecture, remarkable properties of thermal waters, tourism, flora and fauna NAPANT, hunting, fishing or sun untouched magic of underground caves and chasms. In 1991, Liptovsky Jan declared as conservation zone with 20 objects and Jánska Valley in 1998 as a spa place.


Liptovsky Jan - On the way between Liptovsky Mikulas and Liptovsky Hradok, on the right bank of the river Vah begins one of the most beautiful valleys of Liptov - Janska Valley. Before entering into it extends učupená between POLUDNICA and Smrekovicou in Valley Stream Štiavnica at an altitude of 635-650 m quaint historical village Liptovsky Jan known since the 13th century.


Liptovsky Jan is one of the most interesting villages Liptova of historical and art-historical perspective. Special status Liptovsky Jan in history when the yeoman village with vast territorial units, reflected in the overall construction of the village with the exceptional amount of preserved mansions, originally placed in large orchards and gardens. Separate parts formed yeoman area. Poddanní lived in another part of the village, ulicovitého buildings. In the last 70 years-ers that blurs the distinction insertion of houses and gardens parceláciou the mansions and palaces, but nezotreli yeoman character building, consisting of houses located in the rich greenery.


Mayor of Juraj Filo

John Kalinčiaka 39

032 03 Liptovsky Jan

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