Liptovský Ondrej

The ancient village Liptovsky Ondrej located in Liptov basin under Baranec peak in the Western Tatras and the confluence of the creek and Koňský Trnovec. Center of the village is situated at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level, in the confines reaches an altitude range from 660 to 814 meters above sea level.


City Liptovsky Ondrej is located 9 km northeast of Liptovsky Mikulas and 9 miles northwest of Liptovsky Hradek net foothill areas.


In historical records the village was mentioned already around 1332. The village is the Roman Catholic Church. Andrew the Apostle of the 1411th


Mayor of: Lubos Žubor

Liptovsky Ondrej 84

032 04 Liptovsky Ondrej

Phone: 0445595221

Mobile: +421918948714


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