Liptovský Peter

City Liptovsky Peter provides only basic forms of service, food, hospitality. However, there is now Liptovsky Hradek, at the same time at the exit to the north and D1 on the road in the direction of Pribylina - Podbanské - High Tatras. It is therefore suitable for business trips throughout the Liptova, Low, High and the Western Tatras.


The village Liptovsky Peter is 2 km north of Liptovsky quarter.

Altitude: 668.7 m
District: Karlovy Vary (EVN LM)
Region: Žilina Region
Area: 6.12 km²

Population: 1361 (31.12.2004)


The village was first mentioned in 1286 as Zenthpetur, Scentpeter. It belonged to the son Serefelovým, descendants and ancestors Komesu Bohumíra Szentiványiovcom family, which belonged to the 1848 portion of the assets owned Pottornaiovci of Podturne. Since 1363, developed as a market town zemepánske law, then fell to foothill villages. In 1709 for the uprising Francis Rákóczi II. has been destroyed. In 1784 had 52 houses and 416 residents in 1828 had 62 houses and 520 inhabitants. Dealt with agriculture, from the 19th century masonry, many worked on construction sites in Budapest. After 1918, remained in traditional occupations. There were developed domestic crafts. City and joined the SNP. The nearby airport Wetland flew 4. 8. 1944 secretly to Moscow SNC delegation led by K. Šmidkem. The crew of the airport 28. 8. 1944 joined the SNP. During the liberation struggle in 1945 a few weeks in the frontline zone. JRD was founded in 1950, in 1962 it set up the State Breeding Station (breeding potatoes).


Mayor of Anna Papajová

Liptovsky Peter 100

033 01 Liptovsky Peter

Phone: 0445222484

Mobile: +421907086283


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