There is a wood factory new home Maluzina and employing locals quarry in Svidove well Forestry Administration Maluzina.

The village is more industrial than other municipalities micro-region which is also reflected in the architecture. Preserved the original building such as Halas - Former prepriahareň.


Maluzina is located in the eastern part of Liptov, in a mountainous area of ​​the northern slopes of the Low Tatras.

The village is located:

in the region: Žilina

district: Liptovsky Mikulas

size: 3948 ha

It's catchment community-wide valley with a population of 278 mostly Roman Catholics.


Year Established Municipality: 1750 - the first mention was founded in the mid-18th century as a mining village estate Liptovsky quarter. 1807 began in the village of black copper refining and production lasted until 1860. From 1840 to 1885 was Malužiná glass works, which produced sheet glass, hollow glass and bottle. In Malužinská valley was built tajch water, which was used for logging and still exists today.


Mayor of Štefan Firášek

Maluzina 53

032 34 Maluzina

Phone: 0445292221

Mobile: +421918461680


Experiences from the village Malužiná