City Podtureň originated in Central part of Liptov at an ancient trade route across Liptov. Its prvpočiatky may look very close to the present village, in a rather small ridges at an altitude of 667.6 meters, which are part of the larger hills formed terraces Vah. Evidence of their ancient settlements are their names: Basta, Vatra, Velínok. Testimony of the research confirmed the foot fort bastion, where excavations found many fragments, but also shard of vessels from the Early Roman period.


The village lies on the road between Liptovsky Mikulas and Liptovsky castle in the arms of the mighty "guards" West and Low Tatras.


The village was first mentioned in 1345. It belonged to an ancestor yeoman family Pottornyaiovcov. In 1828 there were 49 houses and 347 inhabitants. They were farmers and the second half of the 19th century masonry.


Mayor of: Marian Vojtík

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