Currently, the municipality Pribylina 1369 population and cadastral area is 8500 ha. The territory of Western Tatras, which surround the village, escaped civilization and in addition to several recreational facilities that are located respectively in the end of the valley, visitors have the opportunity to move in a beautiful untouched nature rich in berries. The settlement Podbanské, with the largest Tatra hotel Permon is part of the cadastral municipality and is the starting point to the eastern part of the Western Tatras as well as in the western part of the High Tatras. In summer, this area provides with Račková and Jamnická valley many opportunities for tourists, but also cycling, in winter for cross-country and downhill skiing. The village is also Liptovskej Village Museum - Museum, where you can look at village life in the region in the past. 4 km from the ATC is Račková Valley.


Pribylina is located at an altitude of 745 m below the confluence Račkov stream of the river Bela.


Employment and production

Residents Pribylina had employment that resulted from the realities of the region. There was a highly developed sheep farming, which has been preserved to this day. Furthermore deal with cattle, for which they had throughout the year get in hay from surrounding meadows. The surrounding forests offer plenty of opportunities to harvest timber, then it zvážali whether the river Bela - consequently rafting or the carts in Liptovsky Hradek called. carter. Later in Pribyline developed masonry and its builders were chýrečnými masters. It is worth noting that the difficult construction artistic masterpieces of the Hungarian Parliament (1885-1905) was a foreman and Matej Šuňavec from Pribylina and the building of the Hungarian National Museum (1836 - 1847) worked 12 carpenters from Pribylina. There was the amount of clever Kušnier, tanners, blacksmiths, every family can be isolated in the manufacture of fabrics and various tools for daily living.


Part of the territory of the village was Pribylina returned in 2000. History Podbanke were to the 19th century is closely linked to mining, which also reflects its name. The first miners came under Krivan in the first half of the 15th century, during the reign of the Hungarian King Sigismund. Gold fever that gripped Hungary in the 16th century, did not escape the Tatras. The initiator was the Hungarian king Ferdinand I., which nationalized its regulations virtually Hungarian mining. Money derived for mined ore wanted financed A growing imperial army needed to wage war against the Turks and the Hungarian nobility. Mining work in podkriváňskom mining district, which is affiliated to report assets in Comorian Liptovsky Hradek the full-launched during the reign of Emperor Maximilian. Germs of future settlements became state gamekeeper with room for tourists built on the left bank of Bela in 1871. At the lodge was established sawmill and a mill for grinding of spruce bark, from which Liptov tanners produced tan. At the end of the 19th century Podbanské expressed interest from Liptovský Mikuláš tourists, who included it in a project called. Liptovské spa. An interesting idea is ultimately not realized, so the first objects of the new settlements were built up in 1923. The main impetus was to extend the construction of forest roads from Strbske Pleso through three wells. The first hostel opened for tourist public in 1925. In the thirties of the 20th century Podbanské could become an important traffic intersection. In the early postwar years, the village has grown Kriváňom ten wooden houses called. The forestry youth. For the development of the settlement was an important year 1968. In preparation for the High Tatras in the World Championship in Nordic skiing in 1970, extended the path to freedom from Podbanské Liptovský Hradek. At the same time Podbanské was added to the slope Hliny ski lift, the hotel opened a year later in 1981 Krivan convalescent Permon.


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