The municipality Vavrišovo is 992 ha and lies at an altitude of 680-720 meters above sea level, some 70% of the territory of the village is agricultural land, and about 20% of the area is covered by forests. Hájik and Sihoť are very popular mushroom gathering area.

In addition to the natural beauty and activities that the municipality offers you, in the case of accommodation in the village and another infinitely advantage. Everything is close by. Whether the attractions or activities Liptov offers. Exits and runs north D1 in the vicinity of the village are the guarantee that they can reach everywhere quickly and easily. Noise from the highway but not interference.


Vavrišovo located in the eastern part of Liptov, in the valley of the River Bela. It is starting village in the High Tatras from the south it is bordered by the Northern motorway route D1 Žilina - Košice. But for fans of walking and cycling we must point out that not only high but also Low and Western Tatras are nearby.


Memorable happened in Vavrišovo kurucké war, which was conducted in 1709. Vavrišovo in 1703 burned to the ground. In 1708 Francis Rákóczi suffered a heavy defeat at Trenčín. The soldiers, he fled and gave a lot of effort put them back in order. Queue line was finally stabilized. The border between the imperial army and KURUC was Belanská Valley. Historian Hýroš states that this year was very cold cruel and strong. General Tholleth to be protected from the file has between St. Peter behind Vavrišovo, Vyšné hills to build even today visible star-fortified trenches Redoute. Work carried out on them residents of villages supplied wood for building landlords.
Kuruci 08.04.1709 (Sunday) under the leadership of Count Michael Csáky, Paul Andrassy Francis Barbocsaya attacked the imperial army. Fighting climaxed around the village of Vavrišovo. General Thollet was in this battle wounded in the leg. Withdrew his army to the village of Vavrišovo. Colonel De -Riviere had occupied cannons on the hill above Vavrišovo and bombard him away. Air Vice-Marshal Csáky, who was not a soldier but this rank obtained as a faithful follower of Francis Rakoczy, got the message that comes Thollettovi military assistance (600 men) over Šturec led Viard. These were combined with the soldiers (1,500 men) Juraj Baycsyho. 08/09/1709 Csáky gave the order to retreat already victorious army Kuruc. Themselves Kuruc soldiers defended the warrant under the command of Colonel de-Rivière.

Kuruc soldiers despite protests from Liptova left, but remained burned villages, especially Vavrišovo and Pribylina. Municipalities Danišová, the Holy Spirit and Čutkovo were fired after the war has not been renewed.


Mayor of: Lubomir Račko

Vavrišovo 40

032 42 Vavrišovo

Phone: 0445271073

Mobile: +421903057147


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