Vazec known under mountain village 20 km east of Liptovsky Hradek, founded in 1280 Šoltýs Gerhard.

There Vazec is:
- Ski lift
- Ski rental
- Ski trails
- Važecká Cave
- Memorial House John Hall picture gallery
- Museum of agricultural tools and traditions biking trails
- The surroundings are excellent conditions for berry picking, a visit to nearby Salas


Known under mountain village in the middle altitude of 792 meters above sea level is located in the valley of the White Vah. Its location is an excellent starting point for hiking, skiing, hiking around Liptova, rather, High and Low Tatras.


Vazec has Šoltýs Gerhardt in 1280. Gradually the occupation of its inhabitants building up small-scale agriculture, grazing and livestock farming, timbering, then later rafting and carrying trade, after the construction of the Košice - Bohumín Railway here for a job many residents. The owners of the village were mainly Szentiványiovci, Szmreczányiovci and Baánovci. In 1931 almost the entire village, characteristic wooden houses, burnt. Vazec grateful point of making many painters, thoroughly researched národopisci because the traditional folk costumes, customs and art are preserved in non-stylized and pure form until the end of the 20th century. Permanently settled here painter and writer John Hala, he was here a writer Stefan features. Despite the devastating fire that disrupted the traditional architecture remains an important ethnographic village location. A special feature of the village is also Važecká cave with stalactite decoration, open to the public. On podkrivánske Važec meadows directed in the summer and autumn mushroom pickers. The village has always folk craftsmen and folk group. The population was previously devoted addition to agriculture and cattle and sheep, working in the woods, cartage and rafting. Folk Architecture Važca belonged to typical Carpathian architecture with three-part house. The local folklore (distinctive clothing, songs, myths and customs) are already interested Ján Kollár, Ondrej loudly and then especially Karol Plicka and Paul Socháň. There lived and worked painters Jaroslav Augusta, Ján Hála and painter and writer Frantisek Havranek, who was also engaged in speleology.


Mayor of Rastislav PROFANT


032 61 Vazec

Phone: 0445294121

Mobile: +421907849579


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