Vyšná Boca

We also visit the museum - Mining house in which resides exhibition aims to bring mining history and life. Residents are mostly Lutheran religion. Protestant church was built in 1785. The village has the lowest population in the micro-region. It's probably the most developed tourism due to the construction of ski resorts Bačova equal footing and Čertovica. Not excluding accommodations municipality.


Small, originally a mining village (950 m) at the end of the valley below Bocianska Čertovicou and easiest hola. It is located in the protection zone NAPANT and is an excellent starting point for trips to Dumbierske Kráľovohorských Tatras.


The village has been allocated in the mid-19th century former royal towns and locust Boca. Until then, was administratively part Nižnej Boca. In the past the confines mined iron, gold and antimony, then the population farmers, woodcutters and cattle. Mining past reminds chain development in a mining valley with large houses with porch, which today are changing holiday cottages. In the village, there is a church from 1785, built as tolerance to an older one.


Mayor of Ľubica Trégerová

Vyšná Boca 50

032 34 Maluzina

Phone: 0445291249

Mobile: +421915736694

email: vboca@stonline.sk

Experiences from the village Vyšná Boca