Závažná Poruba

Directly above the village Severe Poruba, the tip Frontpage Poludnica grew Opalisko ski resort that will satisfy beginners and advanced skiers. Ski slope starts at 1230 m. There are beautiful landscape and trails for cross-country skiing.


Severe Poruba is located in the Low Tatras 5 km from Liptovsky Mikulas in the middle of picturesque Liptov basin. The village is situated at an altitude of 634 m to the northeast Poludnica foot (1548 m). On this mountain should speak every tourist because it has a beautiful view of the northern and southern part of the Low Tatras and the whole basin, including Liptovska Mara, you have at your fingertips.


The first mention of the village dates from 1377, when the allocated land area of ​​Liptovsky Jan and belonged to the family Svätojánsky. Surroundings Severe Poruba is rich in the remains of many castle with a fortified settlements, the highest such fortification is located on POLUDNICA of 1550 m above sea level at the foot of the village there is a neo-Gothic church and Chapel. Luke Act, 1837.


Mayor of Pavel Baráni

Home 135

032 02 Severe Poruba

Phone: 0445547175, 0445547369

Mobile: +421905644695

email: obeczav@stonline.sk

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