Despite podanskému proportion to Liptovský Hradek is always moving to the end of the 19th century. and in the first half of the 20th century, an important economic and cultural center of Upper Liptov. For more than 20 kinds of craft masons were the most abundant, who became famous as good professionals to building Budapest. Even nowadays, the village has a lot to offer and is located at the northern exit D1, which ensures that really no attraction and service will be for you too far.


Hybe is a beautiful village, medieval liptov mining town which is situated below the Tatras.


The village is mentioned in the late 12th century as a Slovak village. Title is from the stream Hybica. In the year 1230 it was owned Hauk, Polk and Beuchat of Hungarian Ves. In 1239 it im king Bela IV. collected and attributed to a royal property. 1396 Hybe received from market sovereign right and freedom from tolls. In the first half of the 13th century, the German Saxons moved here (probably from a neighboring file). In 1265 received town privileges Hybe as a mining town - in the 13th century attempted to mine gold at the foot of limping. The coat of arms had a digger and a hoe. Mining but not paid for the poor living and high costs in difficult terrain. Part of the miners went to Bocnianskej valley. 1390 moves to get property of Liptovsky governor and became a liege town manor in Liptovsky Castle. At the interface 14 and 15 stroročia the town poslovenčilo. Mine gave way to agriculture and crafts.


Mayor of Martin Piovarči

Hybe 2

032 31 Hybe

Phone: 0445296121

Mobile: +421905292557

email: hybe@hybe.sk

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