City rectangle with a footprint in the south - north is 1 km long. There are two bus stops. Its area is partly sloping. The woody stands nearby creek growing willow, alder, elm and poplar. In the forested parts of a typical spruce, pine and larch. From the animal kingdom here live mainly deer, hare, fox and wild boar. Birds are represented by various species that are wintering and nesting arrive. In the village Haje (mud) is a protected natural area with departments "pelokarbonátové balls"


City Beňadiková located in the central part of Liptov in Valley Stream Trnovec. Altitude Wednesday of the village is 620 m asl The area, which extends east and west of the creek bed has an area of ​​497 ha and the altitude of 650-750 m asl It Agricultural land occupies 425 ha, 18 ha forests and other areas 54 ha. The village is a plan view of a rectangle in a direction south-north.


The village developed in the first half of the 13th century in the village the Ves. The first written mention comes from r. 1352. Part belonged yeoman family Detrichovcov residue families Kiselovcov and Lubyovcov. By ownership of families was derived the name of the village r. 1352 as Detrihfalua, r. 1357 Benedukfalua, Detrichfalua, r. 1480 Detrihoverg wsy, r. 1773 Benedekfalu. In Beňadiková lived yeoman families Kiszelyovcov, Detrichovcov and Lubyovcov.

The current name of the village Beňadiková was derived from the first name Detrichove son Benadikta. The village Beňadiková included the settlement Brezina (later Mud), located between Beňadiková and Lipt. Ondrej remembering is already in. 1365th

The year 1559 is the oldest record about the local church, respectively. Chapel of St. Dorothy, which belonged to St Andrew's parish in nearby Liptovsky Ondrej. In 1658, together with the bell tower was destroyed during the flood. In the same year the chapel was re-built with the financial support of the local gentry families. In 1712 she was again destroyed by German mercenaries, passing through this area. It was resumed, but it was not maintained, over the years has collapsed or succumbed to fire.

It is interesting that around 1810 was Beňadiková Mendíků (bell ringer with duties of a servant) and later a major writer spreader books SKN -Hačavský (* 1796 + 1880).

In what is now the village is now only one of the original 3 large mansions - Dětřichovská a mansion Kiselyovcov.

There was noble Protestant school, which had a rich tradition and established it The local landlords for their children, but the children of wealthier peasants Beňadiková and temperature.

In 1885 was built Elementary School in Beňadiková.

An important fact of this period is Škôldozorný Office Liptov and Orava had its headquarters in the years 1881 - 1904 in Beňadiková just because school inspector was in the years 1881-1904 Arpad Kiszely. The Authority therefore lived in his mansion on the edge of the village. Arpad II. Kiszely was the main Liptovským bathrobe. Arpad II. had to be in his native village as the principal representative of state power proper dwelling.

V r. 1715 the municipality 9 taxpayers. In 1784 had 55 houses and 330 inhabitants. Over the years, the population changed. In 2001 the number rose to 436th

The inhabitants worked mainly in agriculture. After r. 1918 working mostly on lordship Kiszelovcov. In 1946 was established State property. Since 1974, the State property passed under the Collective farming May 1 Liptovsky Ondrej. Today part of the population works other than agricultural cooperatives and industrial enterprises and other businesses in the village, L. Nicholas and the surrounding area.


Mayor of Ján Martinovič

Beňadiková 17

032 04 Beňadiková

phone: 044595237

Mobile: +421903535737


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