Village of the world famous fashion designer, village double world champion and Europe's village under the West Tatras. These are Jakubovany.

There is a possible accommodation in Pension Jakubovany and private sit around the bonfire, refreshments in the cafe and pubs, visit the old
part of the village with original folk architecture dreveničiek, admire folk handicraft products such as dippers, bells, DOD remenčeky, belts, bags and so on.

Also you can go on a hike or sit in the car for a few minutes just to be on the top Liptove (Liptovsky Hradok) or secondary Liptove (Liptovsky Mikulas - Clear - water parks, etc.).


Jakubovany located in the beautiful scenery of the Western Tatras under the majestic peak Baranca [2184 m asl] and the nearby peaks as Roháče miners Plačlivô, Magura Jakubina and others. Jakubovany lie at an altitude of 750 m Accommodation is available in the Pension Jakubovany, whose amenities and location is great for tourists, families, school trips and organized groups.


On the territory of today's village settlements existed in the past, Maple, Mountain and Jakubovany, which were later annexed by Jakubovanoch. The first written mention of Jakubovanoch to 1352 under a property dispute between descendants Bohumíra and Dětřich. The document from 1286, however, already mentioned settlement maple. The village had in the 16th century own seal. The village name is derived from its patron saint - St. James. Hradek on high above the village are the remains probably of Celtic settlement, and later guard post on the trade route from the file.


Mayor of Dušan Žiaran

Jakubovany 11

032 04 Liptovsky Ondrej

Phone: 0445595251

Mobile: +421904388970

email: jakubovany@imafex.sk

Experiences from the village Jakubovany