Jamník belongs to the microregion Baranec along with surrounding villages: Jakubovany, Liptovsky Ondrej, Beňadiková, Horse. This belongs to the municipality with a good starting position for excursions or hiking turistiku.Obec provides accommodations.


City Jamník located in the central part of Liptov under the slopes of the Western Tatras in Valley Stream Jamníček.


It was first mentioned in a document of King Ladislaus IV. on May 8, 1286 and is one of the oldest villages in the Liptov. To the resulting name of the village is attributed more reviews. One is that the name originated by the position of the village in a "pit". The other view says that it is derived from activities that are royal hunters who settled here and in prepared pits catching wildlife. Another turn, says that there may be living residents who deal with breeding dogs Jamník, in other words Dachshunds by which caught badgers. Another says that the activities of professional people, Jamník, which dealt with mining, prospecting and digging ore in open, surface pits.


Mayor of Ing. Dušan Španko

Jamník 192

033 01 Liptovský Hrádok

Phone: 0445222069

Mobile: +421903564507

email: obecjamnik@magnetcity.sk

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